How to get your O'Neill discount:

09 June 2010
Text me, comment me, call me, email me. Whatever it is you gotta do. Just give me your first and last name, and email address. I'll add it into the system over night.

The next day, you can use your discount!

Just go to and shop for O'Neill stuff.

When you've got all your goodies in the cart, hit the checkout link. Fill out your information, click through. Eventually it's going to ask you for your email address. That's the key. That's where you enter the SAME email address you sent to me, and it will automatically take off 40% your entire order. Easy. Done. Then hit the finish button or whatever it is, pay us, and receive your prized clothings in a couple days.

Simple as that. 40% off. HUGE. Awesome. Just for you.

everyone loves toast, no one like being toasted.

02 June 2010
dad "today was a hard ride"

me "yeah, good thing i toasted you."

dad "you know what my favorite part was? when you said, 'gee can't we slow down?'"

me "you know what my favorite part was? when you were panting 100 yards down and i was waiting at the top of the hill."

i toasted my dad today. it was awesome. this is all fun and games, right dad? :)

tomorrow i start at La Jolla Group. SO STOKED!

dylan told me i am a man, starting tomorrow. and he's right.

i get a job, i get the most incredible learning experience, i get to work with awesome people that all wear t-shirts to work at a giant corporation.
hell, i even get a desk!

go to thier online store (shoponeillusa) and check out their products. as a friend to an official employee (starting tomorrow), you should give it a try. i love their clothes.

home is the best. welcome back.

3 cheers for summer: summer! summer! summer!

hello, dumbphone

19 May 2010
today was very eventful. i started bright and early with a grueling, sweaty, and very hilly bike ride.

back it up.

back it up again.

saturday. my iphone crashed. yes, the invulnerable apple iPhone OS apparently has its own vulnerabilities. i admit, i jailbroke the phone and placed those there myself.

anyways, it crashed.

[i told the story of me tinkering with the iPhone. but i got bored just telling it. must not be an exciting story. included below for those with too much time.]

today i bought my first dumbphone. it really is dumb. i mean, the thing doesn't even have a mobile web browser. how spoiled have i been the last 3 years?

i got home from work, and tried to fix my iPhone one more time. IT WORKED. so now i have my old, cracked, abused iPhone back. and an extra dumbphone. anyone want the dumb phone?

i restarted the phone, it crashed again. this cycle continued for 30 min until it finally worked again. i never found out what the original problem was.

no big deal, right? just back up the data and restore it. too bad i'm too lazy for that.

i neglected to back it up.

sunday. crashed once. came back to life. all was well.

monday. no problems at all. good! still didn't back it up.

today. my iphone crashed. just as i was about to leave my apartment for work, it crashed. i spent the next 4 hours trying to get it to work again. restarting it would work, and when i went to restore it in iTunes, my computer couldn't connect with it. nothing would work.

i went to best buy and bought a dumbphone.


15 May 2010
and i'm almost done with Lost. i hear the show is going downhill, but i'm only at episode 9 of season 6. don't ruin it for me.

its a good day to start a new life!

hi, its been a while. in fact, i've got a completely different life. surprise!

while i was gone:

i finished my first year at BYU. grades.. acceptable. A in Accounting!
i said good bye to many of the best friends in the world. see you in 2 short years!
i stopped by my house for 2 perfect days of family / friend time.
i drove 1001 miles, literally, to a state i had never been to. (Oregon)

i thought it was pretty, so i decided to stay for the next 4 months here!
unfortunately, i didn't have internet for a while. (i do now)

i now spend my days reading, driving, and installing home security systems.
in that order.

i ride my bike(s) every day... i'm going to race 100 miles in september.

i miss you guys. come visit. it really is beautiful here.

i get to meet the coolest, strangest, and oldest people in the world with my job. its great. i walk into their house with my drill (a Makita. top of the line!) and work bucket. i talk them through the system, and "solidify the sale". make them feel comfortable with it. and then, i get to talk to them for an hour or two about their lives. you'd be surprised at the stories i hear. people love, i mean love, to tell anyone they can these stories.

one woman, Helen, has a son. he wants to see all of the state capitols, and has been to 29 already. she told me about how she just got back from Baton Rouge with him, and that is why her house is a mess.

i've talked to 26 other families, couples, widows, and kids since Helen. what i've learned:
everyone has a messy house.
everyone apologizes for it.
old people have more stories.
some people stare at you while you drill holes in their walls.

oh, i got fired two days ago.
but then Chance hired me again the next day.

so i'll be back towards the end of August with at least 180 stories from people like Helen. sound good? yep.

i broke my iPhone.

15 April 2010
i am a mac.

i love the company. i follow it blindly. i consciously choose to ignore any other technology company's products.

and you know what? i like it this way.

unfortunately, just this sunday, i dropped my iPhone. the very same iPhone that i camped out for almost 2 years ago. well, i've gotten free replacements since then, but the model is the same.

my iPhone is my baby. people joke and question, "what would you do without it?" or, "trevor, could you even live without that phone?"

i calmly respond, "i don't know. let's not go there, " and, "no." respectively.

so when i watched my iPhone drop those fateful two feet, i thought nothing of it. i had dropped it before, from higher places, onto harder surfaces.

it was when i turned the phone over, and saw the spider web of cracks on the front glass, that i just about died.

i'm very serious about this.

mock me, fine. i love this phone.

so i quickly ran through options in my head, "what's next?" was the theme of the internal debate.

i thought about selling it.
i've sold iPhones before, and i know i could have turned a quick $200 by giving my baby away to a stranger in New Jersey.

i thought about just dealing with the cracks.
but that wouldn't work. eventually, the broken glass always presses down onto the digitizer (thing that responds to your touch), making the phone unresponsive. it would then push down onto the LCD, and once both of those are cracked, well you're out of luck.
and let's be honest, nobody likes looking at a piece of broken glass.

i thought about fixing it.

so i'm going to fix it. i ordered my replacement front glass and digitizer from amazon ($14), and it should be here in the next week.

surgery takes place the night it arrives, and i'd love for you to join.

if this works, i'm all for fixing anyone else's broken apple products. i've replaced batteries, and i've upgraded parts. and after next week, i'll have replaced the screen on my iPhone.

i cave, like a broken dam

01 April 2010
i've caved. i missed you.

this morning something terrible happened. my roommate, sean, and i happened to take showers at the same time. and somehow, the door just happened to lock itself while we were gone. which meant we were both in towels, locked out. good thing my good neighbor sam loaned me some clothes, else i would have had to run to the cannon center very immodestly.

moral of the story? don't forget the magnet.

it's this very forgetting of the magnet that's held me back from writing for so long. i shut my mind to the outside world, my thoughts simply having no outlet. in reality, i didn't cave at all. the dam broke. i'll make sure to leave the magnet in.

i'm watching something great happen. it involves people. and its good.

conference has been a huge success. not only has it significantly increased the closeness i feel to my Heavenly Father, but it has helped many friends and hallmates as well. we really have stumbled upon something great.
tonight we watched Elder Holland's "Safety for the Soul". i love the Book of Mormon.

3 days ago, i bought a new Book of Mormon. and i've started the 90 day challenge. 6 pages a day, 7 days a week. it's difficult, but definitely doable. please, join me. you're only 18 pages behind, and it would be great to have someone to discuss what i read with.

hmm. what else have i left out from the past 10 days?

live for the disco

21 March 2010
i live.
i love.
i am.
disco saturday night.

the kite runner

19 March 2010

hi, lets try something new. a deeper, more personal look into my life is in order: just a few moments ago, i had this conversation with Dylan Lamb on facebook chat. 

regarding my nightly conference viewing:

thanks man, hopefully i can just get a habit started of heading over everytime
that would be ideal
yes, yes it would. its a great way to stay in shape
ya it is, i'm loving it. i just wish there was a way to search for a topic. you can search for topics in magazines and stuff, but not gen conf talks really
yeah, but i'm realizing that every single talk is amazing. you just have to watch them one at a time.
ha good point
you've stumbled upon a beautiful thing
i really have. thanks to sean. he introduced the idea, i ran with it like a child and a kite. hopefully the wind takes hold of it soon.
shoot. that was good. its going on my blog post tonight!
ha, maybe title it as "the kite runner", it's already taken but maybe people won't catch on
no one would ever guess that i stole the title. but i'm using it. thanks!
hey us bloggers gotta stick together ;)
i would have you know that i'm posting this entire convo on the blogosphere.
well in that case.....antidisestablishmentarianism!

come join us, every night, at 12:00am. my room. 

on a completely unrelated note: today was.. well, thursday. you know what that means. 

oh, you don't?

it means sleeping till the sun just won't let you anymore.
it means pencourt with Angela Sorensen.
it means procrastination.
it means an especially hard bike ride.
it means Computer Science projects.
it means late-night P90X with my roommate.

thursday is the best day, i do all of the things i love.
i love sleep, Ang, procrastinating, cycling, CS, and even p90x.

time to start over. for tomorrow? lets just see how far i can get with just sleep.

until then, beloved readers.

a day of accounting

18 March 2010
accounting midterm #2: success.

i still missed 2 more problems than i wanted to, but i can't complain.
i'm going to ace this class.

you're going down, norm nemrow.

some weekend in november 2009, i went to Yellowstone National Park with Kati Van Dusen and Aubrey Brennan.

this picture is the result of that trip. me, conned into wearing trunks and a sweater. aubrey, cozy in her sweats. kati, sitting comfortably close to michael's car.

it was cold. it was fun. it was surprisingly pretty, even though we didn't actually go in the park.

moral of the story? i'm missing this. i'm missing the weekend adventure to nowhere. i'm missing the needless trespassing into a national park. went to WYOMING. i couldn't even point the state on a map until i drove there myself.

i miss getting stuck in a blizzard, pulling over in an overly sketchy parking lot next to teams of truckers.

i miss the thrill. life changing weekends only take the time of one weekend, yet they are so few and far between.

here's to a weekend at the cabin in Zion.

here's to adventure. who's in?

Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate.

16 March 2010
commonly translated to mean, "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here." yesterday i embarked on a quest not unlike Dante's. i got on my most stable means of transportation. while i did not have my own Virgil to guide me, took off riding, looking for a place that could bring me to the 7th inner circle. i went looking for my hell.

what i found, however, was surprisingly similar. it was the closest thing i could find on earth. instead of posting those famous warnings at the top, the sign read, "HILL: USE LOWER GEAR." and you know what? that was good enough for me.

after riding miles and thousands of feet of elevation gain, i felt a push, no, a pull on my bike. it wanted to go down that hill.

call it curiosity, call it exhaustion, call it gravity. we descended. it was steep. it was a short lived, intense high. i knew i could not just descend that once. i knew i had found my personal "hell".

i got to the bottom of that hill, and was determined to make it back to the top.
1. first climb was great. my heart raced, endorphins flowed. the descent only added to this joy.
2. second climb - even better. with a clear idea of how fast i could go down, the sting in my legs was completely ignored.
3. third climb - i was hooked. addicted to the idea of making all 7 rounds, bringing my body as close to hell as this hill would allow.
4. my legs hurt. they begged, they pleaded to quit. but upon reaching the top, i got the same exhilaration, that same thrill that would inevitably curse me with another ascent.
5. at this point, it was my pride at stake. could i really quit, coming home disappointed and with nothing to blog about? again, my legs screamed.
6. have you ever seen someone sweat? this was no normal sweat, it was the sweat of complete exhaustion. it was the sweat of sweet victory. it was close, but the last 100 yards of this climb something terrible happened: my legs turned to stone.

i made it to the top, giving my bike everything i had and more. that 6th climb was hard. but i had one more to go, if i wanted to use Dante as a metaphor in my post.

7. the seventh circle. the seventh hill. by now, my feet seemed as if literally cemented to the asphalt. each cycle of the peddles was a personal victory against the hill. we worked in unison, the bike and i.
i stood up. 200 yards to go.
shift up one gear.
put all your weight into each mash into the peddle.
pull up with every ounce of strength with the opposite leg.
look up. look down.
you're close.
100 yards to go.
time slowed.
blood rushed from every crevice of my body to my crying legs.
the tunnel started its sinister enclosure on my vision.
50 yards to go.
49 yards to go.
victory could not have come any slower.
48 yards to go.
everything you have. put it to the hill.
think of the children.
what children?
think of whatever is making you do this.
my brain played tricks on me.
the tunnel tightened.
you can do it.
i thought of nothing. nothing could make me continue, but my own drive.
10 yards to go.
it was so close. that sign, translated to read, "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here."

i would beat it.
i would make it though all 7 circles.

i'm not sure what happened after that. but i do know, i made it to the top of that hill for the 7th time.

i made it through all 7 circles of hell, and punched through to the daylight.
they were enjoyable, at first. the thrill was worth the pain. however, around climb #4, my body rebelled. it tried to stop the ascent. it tried to fight the mental addiction i had created.

don't try this at home, folks. hell is a scary place.

a bump on the head; a sweater removed

15 March 2010
last night i hit my head. the kind of head-hitting that only occurs when one is overly excited and underly cautious. the physical, literal, hitting of the head on very unforgiving stone. while this did not result in a life-changing, mind-altering, paradigm-shifting vision, it did leave me with a bump on the head. and you know, that bump on the head was worth it. it resulted in a fantastic picture; 7 friends stuffed in a fireplace.

notice the smile.

i like smiles.

smiles bring more smiles, more smiles bring laughter, and laughter brings joy.

smile more, world. there's too much to be happy about.

spring. today foreshadowed spring. no, there were not many shadows on the ground, but i can tell spring is imminent.

spring is my favorite. my favorite season; my favorite underused dance move.

spring brings warmth. warmth brings smiles. and, as you know, smiles bring joy.

thank you, spring. today, a sweater removed; tomorrow, a nap in the grass.

keep it secret, keep it safe

14 March 2010

i made it back from california. safe. the drive was long, but worth it; the speeding ticket was not.

tonight i'll sleep well. my bed sounds great. i finished the Priesthood session of the Fall '09 conference, moving on to the Saturday AM session. join me, 12:00am every night.

i don't know how, or why, but we decided to line up and sit in the cubbies in the canon center tonight. it was fun, till i hit my head on the stone fireplace. then it was funny. i love these people.

this is surprisingly difficult.

'cause we're the 7 best friends, anyone could have'

hope this was very informative. that's what it was meant to be. g'night.

i'm coming home, again (again)

perfect night. perfect day. perfect weekend.

i could not have asked for a better way to spend this weekend: family. friends. surf. dirtbike. dance. spa. family. friends. surf.

i've literally spent every possible hour doing something extravagant. i love being home.

thanks are in order:
mom, dad, shane, shelby. i missed you. i love you. it was fun.
kailee. thanks for the best day, ever.
brooklyn. i can't wait till you come to provo. hurry up.

yet, when i think ahead to when i can finally rest, to when i can finally take a break, to when i can be at peace, i don't think of my room here in Orange County. i think of BYU. i think of that small dorm room. i think of provo.

why? i ask myself every second of every minute.

is provo really where i call home now? or is this just a glitch, some turbulence in my brain waves.

i don't know. either way, i look forward to the moment i get to sleep in my bed.

i'm tired.

po-po shut us down

12 March 2010
first off, i'm home. home sweet home. home in the sense that i grew up here, it is a part of me, and me a part of it. home.

second. within one hour of being home, i got stopped by the cops.
no, i was not doing anything terribly illegal. but it did result in a phone call home for my underage brother, and a very understanding response from my great dad. thanks, dad.

i learned a lot today. in reality, i learned more today than i have in any full week of college. really. here's how it happened.
     i went to the temple this morning. it had been way, way too long. not to preach to the choir, but i suggest you go to the temple. now, tomorrow, and the next day. it was the best experience i've had all month.
     i drove home today. not the whole way, mind you. i had driven this drive before, even taken longer shifts.
     even when on vacation, it is possibly to be shut down by the po po at home.
     i talked to my dad. he's the best. if you ever get a chance to meet him, you'll see why. love you, dad.
     i can see my breath, even in california.
     i am still very much a 'Mac'.

i learned that you can get caught by the po-po; anywhere, and for anything.
they always shut me down. no, i'm not cool. i'm not living on the edge. and i am in no way 'BA'. but i attract them, like bears to honey.

sweeter than honey, was the white house. there the po-po can't touch you. there is peace.

hello, spring

10 March 2010
i know i have already visited this on a previous post, but that was a good eighteen months ago.

i love my bike. i really, really do. i finally found a good spot for it to live in my room (sorry sean), begging for a quick spin. with any luck, i should be able to ride every day (resting sundays) for the remainder of the semester. i love spring.

Rides I Like:
Squaw Peak
Alpine Loop
relentlessly riding up and down the canyon
the take-every-right-hand-turn-in-North-Provo ride
...more to come

you know what else i love? my new room. and roommate, Sean O'Rourke. check his blog.

McKelle took this. i like it. thankyou thankyou!!

i'm coming home, again

09 March 2010
going home seems more and more sensible every day that passes.
luckily, i'm making the trek this thursday. you're invited. thursday at 3 to sunday night.

on a completely unrelated note, i've got a very important announcement:
     this weekend, i purchased my very own piece of furniture. my first couch!
though it was from DI, and cost me all of $35, it is one of the most comfortable couches i've ever come to relax on. sure, it isn't your everyday leather couch from Arizona Leather Company, but it is 'plush'. it is firm enough so you don't hit the bottom when you sit, but soft enough that you feel it embrace you when you need some rest. it's fabric is in good order, excluding the two smaller-than-dime-sized holes. 

even more importantly, i have another announcement:
     every night, at approximately 12am, i will be watching one, just one, talk from the fall '09 general conference. 
i will be watching said messages from the above mentioned couch, and you are more than welcome to join. i've found this a great way to end the day. 

need a spiritual message, from the leaders of the LDS church, directed at you? need to park on something more comfortable than that standard Helaman Halls chair? need some good company?

join me, tonight at 12am, in watching general conference. 
or tomorrow. 
or the day after.
or basically any day until the conclusion of finals week.


presidents weekend, i learned how to tame a wild cat and force it to take me up an untamed mountain. these are pictures from said weekend. best powder day, ever.
the group. sorta.
mid-trip loading into the cat. must have been run 7, of 13.
brother and father. miss this.
riding with the famous, one and only, shane brown.
end of the day. found a cool lake and took a pic by it. but you can't see it. trust me.
this guy was incredible. can't remember his name, but i guess that's why he's so INcredible. best cat driver ever, hands down.
a good, fluffy, 1-2 feet of untracked goodness, consistently.

in review of my life

08 March 2010
i am old. so old.
4 years ago i was a freshman. in high school. even then, i was old.
8 years ago i was in 5th grade. still, i was old.
12 years ago i was 6 years old. again, old.

why? because i remember being 5. questioning the world at 4. opening my conscious eyes at 3. yes, i am indeed old.

i remember walking past 26 Santa Maria with Kathryn Vidmar, wondering where we would be when we grew up.
i remember sharing thoughts of elementary school, where we'd get our very own desks. we could stash unlimited Halloween candy in those (private?) desks.
i remember she moved away after kindergarten. i remember finding her again in 5 years, in middle school.
i remember thinking high school would never come. that it was a completely new place we would feel uncomfortable in.
i remember thinking the same thing of college. that we'd be a different by then. 
but always, i remember knowing we'd be best friends, forever. 

guess what, kathryn? we are old. we made it. we're living the dream. and you're still my best friend. 

i remember thinking i'd never drive a car. i remember thinking i'd never sit in a college-level class, typing away at an online journal, blogger. i remember thinking i'd never serve a mission. i remember thinking i'd never own my own house, be the head of my own family. 

but with this new-found age, i am indeed that old. i can drive. i am currently in Bio 100, writing to mr. Blogger. i'm turning in my papers within the year. in a few more, i could be married. and that seems ok. 

i cherish you, youth. i accept you, old age. 

welcome me back, already.

its been an eventful one year hiatus from the blogosphere. i honestly didn't think it'd still be around. welcome me back.

things have stayed the same. i've kept some old posts that i liked. they remind me of simpler times. i still have brown eyes.

things are new. new blog name. new clothes. new music. new friends. new trials. new roommate. new mountains. new life.

trevop is a nickname given to me by my best friend McKelle. i like it. i ran with it. i'll keep running.
meghann murphy-i'm missing you. consider this post to the blogging world a tribute to you.

i'm training to beat my dad on September 11, 2010. one hundred miles of trails. he's done this before--for a good 30 years longer than i have. but-look down to that post on youth-he's got something coming for him.