hello, dumbphone

19 May 2010
today was very eventful. i started bright and early with a grueling, sweaty, and very hilly bike ride.

back it up.

back it up again.

saturday. my iphone crashed. yes, the invulnerable apple iPhone OS apparently has its own vulnerabilities. i admit, i jailbroke the phone and placed those there myself.

anyways, it crashed.

[i told the story of me tinkering with the iPhone. but i got bored just telling it. must not be an exciting story. included below for those with too much time.]

today i bought my first dumbphone. it really is dumb. i mean, the thing doesn't even have a mobile web browser. how spoiled have i been the last 3 years?

i got home from work, and tried to fix my iPhone one more time. IT WORKED. so now i have my old, cracked, abused iPhone back. and an extra dumbphone. anyone want the dumb phone?

i restarted the phone, it crashed again. this cycle continued for 30 min until it finally worked again. i never found out what the original problem was.

no big deal, right? just back up the data and restore it. too bad i'm too lazy for that.

i neglected to back it up.

sunday. crashed once. came back to life. all was well.

monday. no problems at all. good! still didn't back it up.

today. my iphone crashed. just as i was about to leave my apartment for work, it crashed. i spent the next 4 hours trying to get it to work again. restarting it would work, and when i went to restore it in iTunes, my computer couldn't connect with it. nothing would work.

i went to best buy and bought a dumbphone.


15 May 2010
and i'm almost done with Lost. i hear the show is going downhill, but i'm only at episode 9 of season 6. don't ruin it for me.

its a good day to start a new life!

hi, its been a while. in fact, i've got a completely different life. surprise!

while i was gone:

i finished my first year at BYU. grades.. acceptable. A in Accounting!
i said good bye to many of the best friends in the world. see you in 2 short years!
i stopped by my house for 2 perfect days of family / friend time.
i drove 1001 miles, literally, to a state i had never been to. (Oregon)

i thought it was pretty, so i decided to stay for the next 4 months here!
unfortunately, i didn't have internet for a while. (i do now)

i now spend my days reading, driving, and installing home security systems.
in that order.

i ride my bike(s) every day... i'm going to race 100 miles in september.

i miss you guys. come visit. it really is beautiful here.

i get to meet the coolest, strangest, and oldest people in the world with my job. its great. i walk into their house with my drill (a Makita. top of the line!) and work bucket. i talk them through the system, and "solidify the sale". make them feel comfortable with it. and then, i get to talk to them for an hour or two about their lives. you'd be surprised at the stories i hear. people love, i mean love, to tell anyone they can these stories.

one woman, Helen, has a son. he wants to see all of the state capitols, and has been to 29 already. she told me about how she just got back from Baton Rouge with him, and that is why her house is a mess.

i've talked to 26 other families, couples, widows, and kids since Helen. what i've learned:
everyone has a messy house.
everyone apologizes for it.
old people have more stories.
some people stare at you while you drill holes in their walls.

oh, i got fired two days ago.
but then Chance hired me again the next day.

so i'll be back towards the end of August with at least 180 stories from people like Helen. sound good? yep.