Paper & Pen

29 September 2008
This one's for you, mjm, thanks for reminding me of blogger, my emotional stress release.

I'm burning my candle on both ends.
Staying up late, and waking for seminary;
It can only last so long.
To this, can I attribute my lack of posts?
No time to sleep, certainly no time to write.
But there is one;
One who has reminded my why I do this.
It is for you, my imaginary audience,
And you, those who actually read.
I've thought up so many brilliant ideas;
To speak of my onset of schizophrenia,
The way I live my life at school,
My recent re-affiliation with a part of my life,
But today, it is of old fashioned ink and paper.
With no time to write, there is no time to type.
I've found a solution.
Instead of being the fancy-pants typist I am, 
I've switched to something more fun:
Here it is; I lay down the tip of my pen to the paper,
And my thoughts are immortalized.
There is no "ctrl+z" in this world,
This world is of squiggles and lines.
It reminds me, none of this blogging is perfect.
Not only this, but I can write in class.
I'm sitting in stats, pretending to take notes.
Before I was in Lit. "listening" to a discussion.
In physics now.
By the way, I went to maybe 1/2 of my classes last week.
Oh well, I'm a senior.