A Heartfelt Message

08 October 2008
I like shout outs.

They make the person of interest happy,
often anyone who notices will do the same.
Especially in writing, where the shout will live,
announcing to the world of this person.

That's why this one is for you.
I miss your reassuring consultations,
the way we would play soccer after school;
our intellectual discussions.

Raise your hands and clap.
She's a mentor and a scholar.
Some say she drove an element.
Her name is Aubrey Brennan.


Not to be a downer, but there is more to miss.
6 months ago, I too embarked on a journey;
it would change me, open my eyes;
there's a world out there, more than Coto.


All around, people to listen to;
culture to soak in, the wonders of the world, 
still unfolding to me. I can't imagine it;
a place where I learn, every moment I live.

I thrive off of learning.
Be it how to add vectors,
or how another person lives their life.
I want to know. And I've got a long way.

There are cities without number,
cultures without description,
and me without knowledge.
I want to see the world, like I once did.

Spain was just the start.
I have 193 countries to go.
In them, many, many more people to meet.
And it all began from my trip to Spain.

Maybe it isn't at all that I miss Spain,
though I know that I do.
More than that, I miss what happened.
I miss the experience, the learning.

Don't fret TBrown, you'll be back.