everyone loves toast, no one like being toasted.

02 June 2010
dad "today was a hard ride"

me "yeah, good thing i toasted you."

dad "you know what my favorite part was? when you said, 'gee can't we slow down?'"

me "you know what my favorite part was? when you were panting 100 yards down and i was waiting at the top of the hill."

i toasted my dad today. it was awesome. this is all fun and games, right dad? :)

tomorrow i start at La Jolla Group. SO STOKED!

dylan told me i am a man, starting tomorrow. and he's right.

i get a job, i get the most incredible learning experience, i get to work with awesome people that all wear t-shirts to work at a giant corporation.
hell, i even get a desk!

go to thier online store (shoponeillusa) and check out their products. as a friend to an official employee (starting tomorrow), you should give it a try. i love their clothes.

home is the best. welcome back.

3 cheers for summer: summer! summer! summer!