i broke my iPhone.

15 April 2010
i am a mac.

i love the company. i follow it blindly. i consciously choose to ignore any other technology company's products.

and you know what? i like it this way.

unfortunately, just this sunday, i dropped my iPhone. the very same iPhone that i camped out for almost 2 years ago. well, i've gotten free replacements since then, but the model is the same.

my iPhone is my baby. people joke and question, "what would you do without it?" or, "trevor, could you even live without that phone?"

i calmly respond, "i don't know. let's not go there, " and, "no." respectively.

so when i watched my iPhone drop those fateful two feet, i thought nothing of it. i had dropped it before, from higher places, onto harder surfaces.

it was when i turned the phone over, and saw the spider web of cracks on the front glass, that i just about died.

i'm very serious about this.

mock me, fine. i love this phone.

so i quickly ran through options in my head, "what's next?" was the theme of the internal debate.

i thought about selling it.
i've sold iPhones before, and i know i could have turned a quick $200 by giving my baby away to a stranger in New Jersey.

i thought about just dealing with the cracks.
but that wouldn't work. eventually, the broken glass always presses down onto the digitizer (thing that responds to your touch), making the phone unresponsive. it would then push down onto the LCD, and once both of those are cracked, well you're out of luck.
and let's be honest, nobody likes looking at a piece of broken glass.

i thought about fixing it.

so i'm going to fix it. i ordered my replacement front glass and digitizer from amazon ($14), and it should be here in the next week.

surgery takes place the night it arrives, and i'd love for you to join.

if this works, i'm all for fixing anyone else's broken apple products. i've replaced batteries, and i've upgraded parts. and after next week, i'll have replaced the screen on my iPhone.

i cave, like a broken dam

01 April 2010
i've caved. i missed you.

this morning something terrible happened. my roommate, sean, and i happened to take showers at the same time. and somehow, the door just happened to lock itself while we were gone. which meant we were both in towels, locked out. good thing my good neighbor sam loaned me some clothes, else i would have had to run to the cannon center very immodestly.

moral of the story? don't forget the magnet.

it's this very forgetting of the magnet that's held me back from writing for so long. i shut my mind to the outside world, my thoughts simply having no outlet. in reality, i didn't cave at all. the dam broke. i'll make sure to leave the magnet in.

i'm watching something great happen. it involves people. and its good.

conference has been a huge success. not only has it significantly increased the closeness i feel to my Heavenly Father, but it has helped many friends and hallmates as well. we really have stumbled upon something great.
tonight we watched Elder Holland's "Safety for the Soul". i love the Book of Mormon.

3 days ago, i bought a new Book of Mormon. and i've started the 90 day challenge. 6 pages a day, 7 days a week. it's difficult, but definitely doable. please, join me. you're only 18 pages behind, and it would be great to have someone to discuss what i read with.

hmm. what else have i left out from the past 10 days?