How to get your O'Neill discount:

09 June 2010
Text me, comment me, call me, email me. Whatever it is you gotta do. Just give me your first and last name, and email address. I'll add it into the system over night.

The next day, you can use your discount!

Just go to and shop for O'Neill stuff.

When you've got all your goodies in the cart, hit the checkout link. Fill out your information, click through. Eventually it's going to ask you for your email address. That's the key. That's where you enter the SAME email address you sent to me, and it will automatically take off 40% your entire order. Easy. Done. Then hit the finish button or whatever it is, pay us, and receive your prized clothings in a couple days.

Simple as that. 40% off. HUGE. Awesome. Just for you.